Why do women wear Sunday Church Suits on Easter or Resurrection Sunday?

By Katarena Ellison for Sunday-Church-Suits-for-less.com


Resurrection Sunday is the highest holy day in the Christian calendar.  The tradition of putting on the “new” is directly related to the worship of Jesus Christ and his new beginning for mankind as expressed in the Resurrection.  Women of the Church have always taken this to mean that Resurrection Sunday is the day when our clothing should express the newness of life that Christ has brought us.


As we approach resurrection Sunday 2009, women’s apparel manufacturers and retailers appear to have forgotten exactly why women dress up for Resurrection Sunday events.  Christian women and in particular women of color in the Christian family know that the beautiful colors in suits, hats, scarves, shoes and handbags donned on this day, have a deeper meaning.  The material side of purchasing and wearing the best Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes is not lost on them as they peruse the racks of finery in women’s ready to wear and designer clothing outlets throughout the country.


In earlier days, many women would save their wages to buy that one special suit or outfit for Resurrection or Easter Sunday.  They would coordinate every piece of attire and carefully choose the most fitting yet affordable outfit for themselves.  Some would have hats, gloves and scarves hand made for them.  Sunday suits would be enhanced with fur trim and embroidery to create or refresh a look.  Anything that they could present as their very best offering during worship would be considered as long as it was tasteful and attractive.


As Church women have become more affluent, women’s and ladies church suits, hats, coats, shoes, scarves and handbags have taken on a very well defined niche in the retail market.  Yet, the women who wear these items, in most cases have not forgotten why they wear the very best they can on Resurrection Sundays.  These Sunday suits have a meaning that is part of the demonstration of their belief.  Even when Church women are not able to afford designer suits, even when they must “dress-for-less” they know that what they present as their very best, if it is presented in the true spirit of sacrifice and praise will not be rejected by their Lord and Savior.


So, whatever you chose to wear this Resurrection Sunday, be it a designer suit, hand sewn creation, or an updated Sunday suit classic from the past; if it is worn in humility and adoration of The Savior and is truly your very best; wear it knowing that putting on the “new” represents you acknowledging the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


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